Hall Of Fame

Membership to the SAMMNA Hall of Fame is a major achievement and represents the highest level of peer recognition for an individual’s contribution to Mens and Mixed Netball in South Australia.                            

The South Australian Mens and Mixed Netball Association Hall of Fame was officially launched in 2017 and aims to recognise and promote the outstanding sporting achievements of our sports men and women. It aims to be comprised of an illustrious group of athletes and administrators that are well-respected and celebrated champions of mens and mixed netball in South Australia. They are the best of the best, who through their achievements have made a significant contribution to our states sporting history and have inspired young South Australians to achieve their potential in both sport and life.          

Athlete Members

Inductee Number      Athlete Name   Year Inducted
1 Glen Cook 2017
2 Steven Harvey 2018
3 Mark Snelgrove 2019
4 Steven McInnes 2023


General Members

Inductee Number   Member Name   Year Inducted
1 Ian Corbett 2017
2 Kay Portolesi 2018
3 Wayne Wade 2019