Life Members

South Australian Men's & Mixed Netball Association Life Members

Name                        Year Awarded
Kay Portelesi Unknown
Wayne Wade Unknown
Steven Harvey Unknown
Anna Blaser Unknown
Ian Corbett Unknown
John Sobieray Unknown
Peter Turk Unknown
Glen Cook Unknown
John Homes 2008
Jan Sim 2017


Kay Portolesi
Established a men's netball competition whilst President of S A Districts Netball Association.

Then, when made aware of similar competitions in NSW and Vic, set up the first State titles in 1985 as well as the formation of the All Australian Men's Association.

She established and became President of both the S.A. and A.A. men's associations.

She contacted New Zealand and established the framework for the International Test Series, the first time held in 1986.

Also spent considerable time liaising with AANA and the Australian Sports Commission in promoting the men's game, and served as President of both State and AA men's for a number of years.

Also played a considerable role in developing the men's competition at a grass roots level here in South Australia so that it became a big competition, 4 to 5 divisions as well several Youths divisions.

Wayne Wade
Served on the board of both S A Men's and A A Men's for a number of years.

Was State teams manager for all Men's state teams for several years as well as having a big role in developing the competition, expanding the participation base and, in particular, the development of the Youths competition.

Wayne was also very active as a top umpire and successful coach within the association for many years.

Steven Harvey
As a player Steven has won just about every award possible. Player of the Series at a number of National Titles in both 21's and Open divisions.

Selection in All Australia teams that toured to New Zealand at the age of 18, and throughout Australia.

He has also co-captained the State Open team when the team won the National Championship here in Adelaide in 1995.

Steven has also served on the Men's board as a player's representative, Vice President and President. He also was very active in promoting the men's game by organizing and running coaching clinics in schools throughout the metropolitan area, and attending Secondary Schools Sports Associations Boys netball competitions as an advocate for the game.

Anna Blaser
Served on SA Men's board for many years as Public Officer

Anna was a tireless worker in every capacity possible within the Association.

She was active and expansive in her commitment to the association and the game and these qualities reflect what being a Volunteer in any club or organization is all about in this year of the volunteer, Anna has been sadly missed since she left the association in 1999.

Ian Corbett
Along with Kay Portolesi, Ian played an integral role in the formation of not only men's netball in South Australia, but assisting in creating a truly National event Since 1985, Ian has had success as both player and coach at State domestic level, winning the 1985, 86, 87 and 88 National Club Championships with Salisbury West, and as coach of the South Australian Open side from 1986 to 1990, appearing in 5 out of the possible 6 National Grand Finals, winning 3 of them. During this time, Ian was also given the inaugural National coaching position, winning the Trans Tasman Cup in 1986 and followed it up with success in 1987 and 1989.

Ian returned to the National scene in 1993 and was coach of the South Australian Open side for the next three National Championships. Ian coached the last South Australia Open side to bring home the National Title held in Adelaide, 1995. He also returned to the international scene by coaching the National U/21 side in 1993. Ian also acted as the Convener of the Test Series held here at ETSA Park and as the Manager of the Open side to travel to Townville in 2002. We all acknowledge his experience and determination to lift South Australian Men's Netball back to the top!