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Salisbury West named 1988 National Club Champions

Umpire: Fran Rose

Players: Glen Cook, John Van Alphen, Mack Rowett, Rob Vickers, Darryn Traynor, Allan Little, David Portolesi, Wayne Hodshon



The 1986 Australian Mens Netball Champions. South Australia defeating Victoria in the Grand Final
(53 - 21). The Team:
Coach: Ian Corbett
Managers: Jan Shelgrove & Wayne Wade
Players: Glen Cook (C),Chris Cahill (VC),Waryn Sando, Mick Seeley, Mark Shelgrove, Allan Little, David Jensen, Chris Gauci, Scott Ingham, Wayne Hodson

Umpire: Barry Hill

The All Australian Mens Netball Team 1986

Coach: Ian Corbett (SA)
Manager: Lionel Foster (Vic)

Umpire: Rae Hocking (Vic)

Players: Glen Cook (C)(SA), Chris Cahill (VC) (SA), Chris Gauci (SA), Des Ford (NSW), Anthony Burton (Vic), Mark Shelgrove (SA), Mick Seeley (SA), Allan Little (SA), David Jensen (SA), Waryn Sando (SA).

SA National Club Championships

Salisbury West 33 Def Parramatta 17 (Semi Final)

Salisbury West Def Banksia Park (Grand Final)


Salisbury West named 1986 National Club Champions

Coach: Ian Corbett

Umpire: Fran Rose

Players: Phil Lounder, Mark Rowett, Wayne Hodshon, Colin Tenney, Allan Phelps, Waryn Sando, Mark Shelrove, Allan Little, Glen Cook, Rob Vickers