SAMMNA Committees

Announcement of New Subcommittees

At the August 2022 SAMMNA Board meeting the Board Members voted on and implemented 5 new subcommittees. The overall aim of the new subcommittee structure is to help relieve pressure on the Board by allowing the subcommittees the authority to make decisions and more rapid progress inbetween board meetings. Each subcommittee is chaired by a SAMMNA Board member and will meet as regularly as needed to carry out their required business.


The 5 subcommittees and their purpose are as follows

Brand and Marketing – Chaired by Clayton Wells - To coordinate the promotion, branding and merchandise of all SAMMNA activities. To support ongoing growth in marketing and merchandise on behalf of the SAMMNA Board. To look after the Associations social media presence.

Development – Chaired by Caleb Barnden - To coordinate and organise all development opportunities for SAMMNA affiliated Players, Coaches, Umpires, Managers and Volunteers as required.

Elite Programs – Chaired by Jake Taylor - To support Athlete participation in Elite Programs such as, but not limited to Southern Dragons and Australian Teams. To have oversight and provide resourcing to all aspects of the Southern Dragons Squad throughout the on and off court preparation for the squads participation in the AMMNA Championships and any other lead up event (i.e. Bingham Cup). To manage the Tour Management Group who will provide day to day running of squad under direction of the sub-committee.

Fundraising – Chaired by Lachlan Coppick - To organise fundraising events, grant applications and sponsorship opportunities for Southern Dragons and the Association as a whole.

M League – Chaired by Alexa Austin - To determine the direction of the M League competitions in South Australia and its day-to-day operations.